The Shredded Executive (MEN) Ebook and Audio

(This includes the full ebook pdf and the audiobook thats almost 18 hrs of gold! You have it ALL)

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Want to cut though all of the BS and confusing information and learn exactly what it takes to get SHREDDED?

Want to learn exactly what to eat, how to eat, and get your own personal macros and calorie recommendations?

Want to learn how to get shredded doing ZERO traditional cardio?

Want to learn how to train with weights intensely so you melt more fat in a shorter amount of time?

Want to learn the mindset it takes to succeed in getting your ultimate fitness?

Want to learn how to be able to party, socialize, and do the holidays while still eating fun foods, drinking, and enjoying life?

Well this is only a tiny fraction of the things taught in this book. Theres over 300 pages, and almost 18 hours of gold audio packed with tons of information.

This book is the exact step by step method that I use myself, and have been using on my clients to get them shredded FOR YEARS! If you follow me on social media, you know exactly what Im talking about.

So dont waste anymore time, purchase, grab a pen and paper to take notes with and lets DTFW and get shredded!

Daymond Sewall

4 M4B and 5 PDF
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