The absolute BEST book ever written on nutrition and fitness. He makes it step by step simple and explains it like you're having a conversation. My body and life is forever changed! -PG

Everything I ever wanted in dieting and fitness. All rolled in one with no nonsense and candid approach....the way it should be. The buck stops here with Daymond Sewall!!! - RG

One of the most informative books on weight loss and training I have ever read. He destroys decades old myths (that are still currently in practice by many dieticians, doctors, nutritionists and EVEN TRAINERS) with basic scientific research and information that is FAIL PROOF. His delivery is not for the weak. If you are serious about getting your life back together in all areas, this book is for YOU. It's phenomenal! I turn back to it all the time for myself and as reminders for my clients. Get the book. Don't waste any more time. :) - CS