The Shredded Executive (women) Ebook and Audio

(Womens version includes all of the audiobook, the FULL ebook in PDF, Womens Calories and Macro recommendations, and 3 progressive phases of workouts for women)

Have you been working out but not getting results?

Are you sick of feeling fat, insecure, or uncomfortable in your own skin?

Are you confused by all the information out there and just dont know where to start?

Are you confused about what you should be eating and how much?

Do you feel like you dont know what to do in the gym, or intimidated by the weights?

Are you sick of not feeling as confident as you would like?

Are you tired of not feeling as sexy as you want?

Would you like to finally end all of this?

Would you like to actually workout and make progress day after day, week after week?

Would you like to feel secure and comfortable in your skin and in any outfit you choose to be in?

Would you like to know exactly what to do in the gym each day?

Would you like to learn how to manipulate your body to burn fat so you get consistent results?

Would you like to finally know exactly how many calories you should be eating and from what foods?

Would you like to feel confident, feel sexy, and be happy with how you look?

Would you like to get the hot, sexy, defined, shredded body that you have always wanted?

Yes? Awesome! Then this book is for YOU!

Know this, although I am a man, I have been fat before. I know exactly how all of those things that I just asked you feel. I know how it feels to feel insecure. I know how it feels to feel unattractive because I had gained weight. I know how it feels to feel fat, and uncomfortable in my own skin. I've been there, I KNOW how it feels. Im here to tell you, you DONT have to live that way. You CAN have the body you want.

All you have to do is click the purchase button, follow directions and DTFW(youll learn that in the book)

I have covered EVERYTHING you can think of in this book. We talk about how to THINK, how to behave, how to set goals, and how to program your mind for success. Training your mind is one of the KEYS to succeeding, and its often the one you have never learned or overlooked, which is why you're here now. Its time to change your mindset so you get RESULTS this time.

We talk about nutrition, teach you how you got fat, the REAL way to eat, and how you are going to manipulate your body to burn fat. I have provided example meal plans, calories and macros, teaching you how to eat strategically to melt fat. No more guesswork, Its all done for you.

We talk about how to train, why we DONT do cardio to burn fat. I also teach you how to lift and have provided 3 phases of workouts for you to follow. I teach you how to train with a heart rate monitor to melt fat LIFTING weights.

On top of all of this I have included Lifestyle lessons and hacks. The easy tricks to meal prep. The tricks to eating out. How to prep your body and meals for holidays so you can enjoy the holidays and stay shredded. I also teach you the tricks on how to drink alcohol and get away with it. It is all covered in this book.

Everything you need to get and LIVE shredded is in this program. We also have a private facebook group for Shredders only. So once you purchase contact me and let me know and Ill add you.

So click the button and get your program NOW! Then grab your headphones, a pen and paper to take notes with and lets DTFW and get shredded!

Daymond Sewall

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