The Shredded Executive (MEN) Ebook and Audio

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Before I tell you about this book, let me tell you WHY I wrote this book. Today with the internet, technology, magazines, tv, we are overloaded with information. "20 minute abs, 10 minute butt, 8 mins to 8 pack, eat whatever you want and still lose weight" along with like 20,000 different diets.

I've found that the information that people are doing today is OUTDATED, old school, debunked, information and methods. That are ineffective, and ruin your metabolism or health. The worst part is that its coming from drs, nutritionists, and trainers. Im tired of seeing these terrible methods, diets, being taught.

On top of this I have developed a fail proof system that delivers results. After years of creating incredible transformations with my clients using this system, lots of people around the nation started asking HOW I was doing it. Even trainers.

So I asked myself, "How can I change all of this? How can I teach all of these people exactly how to get the ripped abs they want? How can I change the direction the fitness industry is going and get people doing the most up to date, scientifically proven methods, that will get them results the fastest?"

Then it came to me, If I am going to have an impact and give people a step by step blueprint of HOW to get the shredded physique they seek, I need to write a book!

Thats where T.S.E was born. I spent almost 3 years putting this book together in a way the flows seamlessly. The paperback is over 300 pages of GOLD. Its taking people from Obese to Beast. From Fat Ass to shredded Bad Ass. Men, women, teens, its DTFW!

Since its publication, the demand for an audiobook was INSANE(due to facebook videos), so I got to work creating this bad boy!

This version includes tips, and info for Men and Women. It also includes LOTS of extras because as I was reading it, I was elobarating, telling stories, and delivering my message the way I INTENDED it to be heard.

I have covered EVERYTHING. We talk about how to THINK, how to behave, how to set goals, and how to program your mind for success.

We talk about the history of nutrition, how you got fat, how America got fat, the REAL way to eat, and how you are going to manipulate your body to burn fat. I have provided example meal plans, with macros, teaching you how to Carb Cycle. Its all done for you. We talk about how to train, how to take care of your muscles, how to use a heart rate monitor and get shredded LIFTING. On top of all of this I have included Lifestyle lessons and hacks. The meal prep hack. The eating out tricks. How to prep for holidays so you can enjoy them and stay shredded. I also teach you the tricks on how to drink alcohol. It is all covered in this book.

So purchase, grab your headphones, a pen and paper to take notes with and lets DTFW and get shredded!

Daymond Sewall

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